Meetings and Events



  • 5/6/17: Mulch Moving Work Day and Bindweed Eradication Party
  • 4/23/17: Seedling Sale and Seed Giveaway at Indy Urban Flea
  • 4/5/17: Gardener Orientation
  • 2/15/17: Spring Kickoff Meeting – Seed Starting Workshop and Education Planning (Minutes)
  • 11/29/16: Garden Organizing Meeting – Planning for 2017 (Minutes)
  • 6/25/16:¬†Planting a Straw Bale Garden and Community Gardener Get-Together
  • 5/22/16: Garden Launch Party: Gardener and Neighborhood Get-Together
  • 4/2/16: Final Garden Preparation and Soil/Compost Moving Work Day
  • 3/26/16: Garden Bed Building Work Day
  • 3/12/16: Mulch Moving and Garden Prep Work Day
  • 2/22/16: Seed Giveaway, Seed Starting Workshop, and Spring Work Group Meeting (Minutes)
  • 1/20/16: Garden Launch Meeting (Minutes)
  • 7/22/15: Educational Workshop – Got Worms? Turn Your Trash to Treasure with Home Worm Composting
  • 6/14/15: Organizing Meeting (Minutes)
  • 5/17/15: Potluck and Neighborhood Meet and Greet
  • 4/24/15: Organizing Meeting (Minutes)
  • 4/10/15: Spring Seed Swap and Organizing Meeting (Minutes)
  • 3/27/15: Organizing Meeting (Minutes)
  • 3/13/15: First Organizing Meeting and Garden Launch (Minutes)

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