Last Day to Save! $2 Off Your Garden Tour Tickets

Don’t miss out – get your tickets BEFORE MIDNIGHT to save $2 per ticket for our second annual NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN TOUR

  • Visit to save! (Adults 16+: $10; kids 8-15: $6; kids 7 and under, FREE)
  • WHEN? Sunday, Aug. 19 from 2-5pm
  • WHAT IS IT? A bike tour (cars also allowed) of six different gardens, including the Demonstration Gardens and Greenhouse at the IN State Fairgrounds; learn from home gardeners right in our neighborhood; meet your neighbors; AND get free admission to explore the last evening of the IN State Fair!






Bier Brewery was opened in 2010 by the father and son team of Jerry and Darren Connor. The brewery was awarded the Indiana Brewers’ Cup Champion award in both 2011 and 2012, and has garnered over 85 medals at state, national, and international competitions. The mantra of the brewery is, “Quality, quality, quality.” From unique water profiles as a base for each beer, to balance and subtlety in all styles – they simply love making great beer.

SPONSOR THANK YOU: ACE Preparatory Academy

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