Make Some Noise Mondays: Garden Stop Preview and Sponsor Thanks – Tiny House Treats

The countdown continues – less than 3 weeks until our second annual NEIGHBORHOOD GARDEN TOUR on Sun., August 19 from 2-5pm!

  • Get your tickets TODAY (adults 16+: $12; kids 8-15: $8; kids 7 and under, FREE)
  • WHAT IS IT? A bike tour (cars also allowed) where you’ll visit six different gardens, including the Demonstration Gardens and Greenhouse at the IN State Fairgrounds; learn from home gardeners right in our neighborhood; meet your neighbors; AND get free admission to explore the last evening of the IN State Fair!

Check out Katie’s place, one of our featured gardens AND help us say thanks to one of our generous sponsors, Tiny House Treats!

From Katie: I really want our home to help serve as an educational stop and opportunity to talk about invasive plants such as bindweed and honeysuckle. Over the past 3 years, we’ve pretty much torn out our entire garden space, laid soil, laid cardboard and more soil, mulched everything, and hoped for the best. Bindweed killed our entire pollinators garden and majority of the rest of our gardens, so last year we started from scratch.

My garden is definitely not the prettiest, by miles (and anyone who knows my plot at he community garden knows this, too!), but I always have a nice harvest. This year we moved our entire fruit and veggie garden because of bindweed. Though we are still fighting some of it off, we have had lots of success. This year we’ve grown strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black raspberries, tomatoes, tomatillos, sweet and spicy peppers, cucumbers, corn, a ton of herbs, and peaches! We also have restarted our native pollinators garden and have a very delicate fairy garden in the back. We are also attempting to add in a rain garden and an herb garden specifically for our chickens. With all of our gardens and chickens, it’s never a dull moment!

I’ll also have watermelon on hand from the community garden and hopefully some salsa for tasting.




Today, we also recognize garden tour sponsor, TINY HOUSE TREATS. Thank you for your support!

Our mission at Tiny House Treats is to be your neighborhood treat destination. Whether you’re out riding your bike, or taking an evening stroll, our Tiny House right off the Monon Trail is the perfect stop off. Enjoy hand dipped or soft serve ice cream classics, a tasty snack or an ice-cold refreshment. Bring the entire family as our treats are sure to delight all ages. The outdoor patio is perfect for large groups and our doggie sundaes are always a hit with Fido.


  • For details and to purchase tickets today, visit our Eventbrite page.
  • To be part of the community, follow us on Facebook.


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