Construction Begins! Applications, Meeting Minutes, and a Big Thank You

Wow. Just WOW!

Such a tiny word cannot possibly express our gratitude to Lowe’s, which donated all of the garden edging lumber and hardware necessary to create the border for the new Keystone-Monon Community Garden at Arsenal Park.

Even bigger thanks to our amazing garden construction team and our fearless construction leader, Liz! They got a plan together at last week’s meeting, and this past weekend they launched into action, completing our garden border. It’s happening!


A few other items for the good of the order:

MINUTES: Meeting minutes from our 2/22/16 work group meeting are available here. Thanks to our amazing construction team, garden building began as of last weekend with our new garden border! Next up: garden signage and a big mulch moving day very soon. Stay tuned – we will reach out for volunteers ASAP.

CALLING ALL FUTURE GARDEN LEADERS! We also need a few good folks to serve on our leadership/”steering committee.” After a year of hard work to get the garden up and running, Sara is stepping back from a co-organizer role, which means Christie could use a lot of help. Please email if you would like to serve on this smaller team who will help lead organizing meetings and manage work days and operations (communications, setting agendas, serving as rotating leaders of meetings as needed).

PLOT APPLICATIONS: Applications for garden plots this spring are due March 15, and they are going fast! Download your application and forms herePlots are available first-come, first-served, and we plan to build between 16-20 this year, depending on demand and our funding availability. Apply today!

WORK GROUPS: Let us know if you’d like to participate on our construction, fundraising, seed starting, volunteer management, or education work groups. And remember, you are welcome to join any of our work days or events anytime!

Have a wonderful day, all, and we are thrilled to begin gardening with you soon.

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