Meeting Minutes and Updates Galore!

Thanks to all who were able to attend our meeting on Sunday, 6/14! This has been a busy month – we’ve met and far exceeded our initial online fundraising goal, we registered with the Indianapolis Recorder’s Office and the IRS as a community organization, we started a bank account, and we even have a lead on a non-profit community development corporation who can serve as a fiscal sponsor (which means we can apply for grants under their name). 


The only thing left to do is sign an official agreement with the Indianapolis Parks and Recreation Department to begin building! After our most recent meeting, several members of the garden coalition met with our parks contacts and walked Arsenal Park, talking through all of the last nitty-gritty details. Read on to learn more!


ARSENAL PARK UPDATE: Meeting at Arsenal Park with Parks Contact
Following a meeting with our primary contact with Indianapolis Parks and Recreation, Allen McClendon, the garden coalition has developed a revised site plan and plan for execution for years 2015 and 2016. Based on his estimate, an optimistic goal will be that we can begin building at the end of July.
We are currently waiting on the city to finalize a formal agreement to us to sign. Once that happens, the garden coalition can obtain public liability insurance, purchase garden bed materials, and begin building. We will need all the helping hands we can get when it comes time to build and will have multiple volunteer days.
We are hopeful that this process can maintain momentum with the city over the next six weeks. We welcome any and all support in getting to the point where we can break ground!
Thank you to everyone, and stay tuned for details on our next meeting; we are amazed by the support this project has received and are thrilled that we have the funds already in place to create a neighborhood resource for years to come!

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