Support Indy’s Newest Community Garden! Many Hands Make Light Work

This spring, a few neighbors got a wild and crazy idea: to create a community garden in the Keystone-Monon neighborhood of Indianapolis. We are proud of where we live, and we want it to thrive because its people are thriving.

We have finally found a location – Arsenal Park, a city park located in the heart of Keystone-Monon. Now we just need to raise the funds needed to begin building Indianapolis’ next community garden!


  • Every donation counts and goes directly towards creating and maintaining this beautiful new community space. This project is completely volunteer- and community-driven.
  • We also welcome in-kind donations of anything garden-related, including sheds, wood, soil, compost, and tools.
  • Are you interested in putting in some sweat equity or joining the coalition? Email us at
  • We welcome business sponsorships and partnerships, and we can put your skills to use, especially for thins like graphic design, website assistance, and much more!

Interested in learning more? Read on!
Land Proposal: Space within Arsenal Park

What we have already learned in these few short months is this: without community, it’s just a garden (and probably not a very successful one at that). What feels like an incredibly daunting undertaking for just one person – finding and securing land, building the community involvement needed for success, seeking out water and supplies, building beds, managing volunteers, and countless other things we haven’t even begun to imagine – seems not only manageable, but fun and fulfilling with many hands, many faces, many ideas driving us forward.

Why a community garden? We want to be a part of creating something bigger than us, something that not only feeds our bellies but also nourishes our minds, our need for social connection and community, our ability to care for ourselves and the motivation and drive to look out for one another. There is nothing more basic, more human than cultivating our own food.

If you share a similar dream, for Indianapolis or your own community, please consider donatingAny amount, no matter how small, will make such a difference. Take a look at our donation tiers and you will be able to see exactly how your donation will help!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. You can follow our progress here and at

20150425. Seedling Sale at IPS School 91's Our Community Day.

Arsenal Park, scoping out some space for a community garden.

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